Melissa’s Story

My name is Melissa. I am the founder of Blossom By Melissa, a start-up handmade candle and home fragrance business.

My passion for scents and how they can transport you to places, experiences, memories came from a career in luxury brands. My Blossom by Melissa's passion is to create luxury, earth-friendly products that my customers love so much they become their own signature scent. 

All our candles are hand-poured, hand labeled and hand-packaged with love in my home studio in Kildare. 


Making sure the earth can continue to Blossom:

  • All our candle containers are high quality to ensure they can be reused 
  • All our giftboxes can be reused
  • Ethically sourced products from world-renowned perfumers
  • Our wax is a blend of coconut and soy and is blended in small batches. 
  • Oils that are free from animal-derived products and are not tested on animals. 
  • Our diffusers are made from renewable resources. It is non-toxic, low in carbon footprint, and low in odor. 
  • Packaging made with love from rustic recycled materials 


Choosing a fragrance 

Choosing a fragrance is deeply personal so I hope my descriptors will guide you through the process and mentally evoke a scent that you love. The biggest joy I get is when I hear back from my customers that one of our fragrances has now become their signature scent.

At Blossombymelissa we ensure exceptional customer service at all times.

If you need help selecting please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Our name is inspired by the Blossom Tree

Blossom is an experience where the senses are inspired by engaging stories, where we escape to a different place.

When we blossom, we begin a new chapter.